Vitamins for Psoriasis

What are the vitamins For psoriasis? The success of any psoriasis natural remedy includes choosing the right vitamins for psoriasis. The first place anyone should be going in terms of a proper intake of vitamins and minerals is to a natural, whole foods dietary plan. For that, Begin Within Natural Skincare's nutrition for skin pages are a great place to start.

Vitamins for Psoriasis
With today's environmental stressors and a somewhat nutrient-depleted food supply, however, most everyone needs to be taking supplemental vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and probiotics along with their healthy, natural, whole foods diet. When dealing with a skin condition such as psoriasis, a regular intake of specific supplements and vitamins is even more important.

Daily Nutritional Supplements to Consider

Recommended dosages of particular supplements vary by age (i.e. children should use reduced amounts) and circumstance, and should be discussed individually with a qualified nutritionist or health care practitioner. In general, however, essential nutrients and vitamins for psoriasis that can be helpful in the holistic management of psoriasis include:

  • Vitamin A (10000 IU a day of Vitamin A and 25000 IU a day of beta carotene)
  • Forskolin (50 mg three times a day of 18% standardized forskolin-coleus forskohlii is an Ayurvedic herb that increases cAMP levels)
  • Zinc (50-100 mg)
  • Selenium (200 mcg)
  • Vitamin B complex (50-100 mg)
  • Vitamin C (2-3 g)
  • Vitamin D (400 IU)
  • Vitamin E (400-1200 IU)
  • Glutathione (500 mg twice a day-it inhibits the development of psoriasis)
  • Lecithin (1 Tbsp. three times a day-lecithin is part of normal cell membranes)
  • Glyconutrients (¼- ½ tsp.-glyconutrients such as Ambrotose protect cells against glutathione depletion)
  • Essential fatty acids (omega 3 oils—especially EPA, 8-12gm/day, found in krill and fish oil—may increase health of cell membranes and relieve symptoms; in some instances, the omega 6 oil, evening primrose oil—500mg, taken twice daily, has shown to be helpful as well.)
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Greens/probiotics (½-1 tsp.-an organic super green food/probiotic helps with healthy re-colonization of the intestinal tract)
Pycnogenol, an antioxidant, has also been known to be helpful in soothing or eliminating psoriasis outbreaks.

In addition to a skin healthy diet and avoidance of damaging or psoriasis-triggering lotions, creams and shampoos, proper vitamin and mineral supplementation can go a long way to reducing or eliminating the symptoms of psoriasis. It can take 3-6 months to see the full benefits of supplementation but vitamins for psoriasis are well worth a try as part of a full-spectrum natural treatment for psoriasis.

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