Causes of Candida Overgrowth

The best Candida remedies deal with the causes of Candida: they re-balance the gut, increase energy and grow healthy skin.

But what do terms like Candida overgrowth, yeast infection and dysbiosis mean and how do they impact skin condition? Good questions! For the answers, keep reading.

Causes of Candida Bacteria

In the overall amount of good, bad and neutral intestinal microbes, healthy bodies normally have about 3-15% of the pathogenic variety. When a dysbiosis or an unhealthy level of pathogenic to good bacteria occurs, however, health challenges can begin to appear and some of the causes of Candida begin to rear their ugly heads. Bad bacteria levels higher than what can normally be balanced by good bacteria, produce stress on body systems. For example, increased levels of pathogenic microbes leads to an increased level of the endotoxins they produce. That in turn puts stress on the liver as it has a greater load of material to detoxify.

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Additionally, pathogenic bacteria, when not held in check, can negatively impact certain types of tissue in the body and lead to inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to a weakened immune system, which in turn is often a contributing factor to increased levels of a variety of body fungi, but in particular, the Candida Albicans fungus. Chronic inflammation and a weakened immune system, therefore, can be additional causes of candida.

Additional Causes of Candida Overgrowth

Candida are part of the benign and even helpful microbes that live in the gut. Given the right conditions, however, they can convert to a more invasive form, make their way through the lining of the intestinal tract and enter the bloodstream. Because this microbe is not normally found in the bloodstream, its presence there sounds a defense system alarm that in turn can lead to a wide range of problematic body symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, skin problems and mood swings. As well there can be the appearance of more commonly recognized symptoms of localized yeast overgrowthvaginal infections, athlete's foot, diaper rash, thrush and dandruff. A number of factors are contributing causes of Candida overgrowth and include:
Sugar Causes of Candida
  • use of antibiotics
  • use of immunosuppressive drugs
  • chlorinated water use (via mouth or showering/bathing)
  • high stress levels (Stress negatively impacts digestive process, often leading to incomplete protein digestion. Microbe levels increase to deal with the increased levels of undigested protein being pushed into the intestinal tract.)
  • hypoglycemia
  • refined carbohydrate intake (i.e. white grains/sugars)
  • caffeine intake
  • high levels of fruit or fruit juice intake
  • intake of mycotoxic foods (Mycotoxic foods are normally healthy grains and proteins that have high degree of yeast, mold and fungal infestation. Food with a high potential for mycotoxicity are causes of Candida and include corn, wheat, barley, sugar cane/beets, sorghum, rye, hard cheeses, cottonseedin oil for exampleand alcohol which often contains brewer's yeast or is made from mycotoxic grains or fruit.)
  • mushroom intake
  • eating leftovers that are older than 24 hours.
As levels of Candida Albicansand likely other types of fungi as wellescalate, the range and severity of yeast syndrome symptoms increases and can include mood and mental challenges such as irritation, depression and brain fogginess.

Additionally, physical symptoms like rashes (often thought of as a Candida skin rash but generally some other type of rash), bladder infections, nasal congestion, starch or sugar cravings, bloating and gas often appear.
Causes of Antibiotics Antibiotics

While today's dietary and lifestyle practices are significant causes of Candida and their prevalence means Candida overgrowth is becoming a more common occurrence, it is rare that such an overgrowth is the primary imbalance in a body system or the only contributing factor to skin problems. Often there is a hormonal or immune system imbalance or nutritional intake deficiencies as well, but reducing Candida overgrowth goes a long way to restoring health in general and to improving skin health in particular.
Determining if Dysbiosis is a Skin Health Factor

While every body is different and can therefore sustain differing amounts of Candida Albicans before its conversion to a fungal form or tolerate differing ratios of pathogenic to good bacteria, there are a range of symptoms that, if seen in high enough degree in the body, suggest the likelihood of an overgrowth and the benefits of a skin detox

Completing a simple Candida Symptoms Survey can give indication as to whether or not Candida imbalance is present and can, if completed on a weekly basis thereafter, give a good idea as to whether or not the dietary and lifestyle factors that were originally causes of Candida have been shifted enough to correct that imbalance.

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