Bad Skin and Skin Problems

Recently, I have seen increasing amounts and degrees of bad skin and skin problems in the clients seen in my nutritional practice, all of them coming for solutions that naturally and simply work. The epidemic of skin rashes and inflammation (i.e. dermatitis), dryness, pimples, premature aging and deterioration of skin health in general, comes as no surprise, though, when I take a look at:

  • the role skin plays in our well-being
  • the connection skin health has with proper digestive functioning
  • the increasing ratio of processed and nutrient-depleted foodstuffs in our diet and
  • the unprecedented amount of external and internal toxins we deal with on a daily basis.
Toxins for Skin
What is often surprising to my clients who come for skin care advice, however, is how quickly bad skin or a challenging skin problem—even one a client may have experienced for years—can begin to improve. As clients feed their bodies the nutrients skin needs for optimum health, correct gut imbalances, eliminate any synthetic chemicals in their skin care products and begin to externally treat the skin with healthful ingredients, they find their bad skin is soon on its way to radiant beauty.

How Bad Skin and Most Skin Problems Begin

Since most of us started with pretty decent skin, let's look at the downward spiral that is the usual pathway to skin problems:

  • a lessened supply of the nutrients required to feed our skin negatively impacts general skin health
  • an increased amount of poor quality food interferes with the digestive process, which in turn can contribute to bacterial imbalances in the gut that are often expressed in a range of skin conditions.
  • chemicals found in water, foods and personal care products impact the skin both internally in its role as an elimination organ, and externally by causing rashes on contact or by being absorbed through the skin and impacting cellular health and regeneration.

Together, this damaging combination has led our bodies to complain loudly, in one of the most obvious ways—via our skin.

As our largest organ, and, along with the kidneys, colon and lungs, one of four main elimination organs, not only is our skin among the most clearly visible signs of a health imbalance, it is often one of the first places our body shows symptoms of physical or emotional distress. A positive “flip side” to that truth, however, is that as one adopts a natural skin care approach to bad skin (i.e. dullness, lack of vitality, poor tone or color, roughness, brokenness) and skin problems like rashes and inflammation (dermatitis), or more specifically, ailments such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, diaper rash and dry, oily or sensitive skin, the skin often responds quite quickly.

I have noticed that when I remove carbs or bread from my diet that my skin would started to clear up substantially. I am eating a lot more organic foods now and have completely gone off of dairy except for the occasional cheese grazing. Thanks Brenda.  CS

Attending to both aspects of the Begin Within Natural Skin Care approach—what we put in our body and what we put on our body—is key. Though glowing, clear and healthy skin will not happen overnight, especially if there has been a long history of bad skin or skin problems, with a holistic skin care game plan firmly in place, small improvements should be seen within a couple of weeks. After that, staying the course can produce some remarkable results.

The Impact of What We Put IN Our Body

The first step in natural organic skin care treatment requires an understanding of the role of our skin and how we can best help it do its job well. Skin has, as you can imagine, some pretty important health functions:

  • skin plays a significant barrier role, both in keeping things inside the body that need to remain there (i.e. water and other essential molecules) as well as keeping things out that shouldn’t be there (i.e. bacteria and, again, water . . . being caught in a downpour without the benefit of waterproof skin would not be a good idea!)
  • skin is an important elimination organ and helps the body get rid of some of the elements (i.e. urea, uric acid, other toxins) that need to be excreted from the body
  • skin provides protection from natural elements such as sun and wind as well as from synthetic elements like chemicals
  • skin, in cooperation with our nervous system,  helps to keep our bodies at a proper temperature (i.e. sweating)
  • skin’s early warning system of pressure and pain sensors alerts us to physical pressure and possible damage
  • skin also has a manufacturing role and aids in synthesizing vitamin D and producing several immune-supporting proteins.

How we partner with our skin, both internally and externally, determines to a large degree, how well our skin is able to carry out all its important roles, as well as how smooth, clear and youthful it appears as it does its job.

Clear Radiant Skin

The term, “what you put in your body” relates to diet for good skin and nutrition's supportive role in helping your skin perform its functions to the best of its ability.  Nutrition for healthy skin encompasses both whole foods that grow healthy skin as well as individual nutrients that contribute to skin health. Those nutrients include vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish the skin, allow it to heal and then work to prevent bad skin and challenges such as rashes, wrinkles, skin allergies and premature aging.

The Impact of What We Put ON Our Body

The type of facial cream, body lotions, makeup, deodorants, soaps and hair care products we put on our body play a significant role in the health of our skin. If you think again about the many roles of our skin, it is easy to see these products’ impact.

If the skin care products we use contain synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients, there can be allergic-type responses (i.e. bumps, redness, itch, scaling, dryness, diaper rash in infants) in the skin. Even if bad skin or skin problems are not immediately visible, the accumulation of those ingredients over time or their absorption through the skin can eventually result in rashes, acne, pre-mature aging or simply an unhealthy appearance to the skin. Additionally, the absorption of certain ingredients by the skin can lead to imbalance within other systems in the body (i.e. hormonal, liver, digestive) that in turn can result in additional negative responses in the skin.

While natural and healthy skin care begins within—with what we put in our body—what we put on our body is also extremely important. Making good choices as to the types of products we either make ourselves from natural skin care recipes, or purchase as natural skin care, organic body care and organic makeup goes a long way to creating a best skin care practice.

Finally, whatever your current skin condition, rest assured that making inner and outer changes has the potential to create significant positive change. You will need to be:

  • flexible—the dietary plan or external skin treatment you first try may not be the best combination for you
  • persistent—return often to this site to re-read its information and to catch up on the new material that is regularly added and
  • patient—your skin did not get in the shape it is in overnight so give it time to come to balance.

And remember, the upside of having to deal with bad skin and skin problems is that as you understand more about a particular condition and bring correction to foundational health elements, you will be bringing wellness to your whole being. Since you can’t have healthy glowing skin without a large degree of overall health, the day you celebrate great skin means you also get to raise a toast to overall body wellness!

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