Looking to Get Bright, Beautiful
and Healthy Skin
with Organic Body Care?

Tried every natural and organic body care product on the best-wrinkle-cream, best-acne-treatment and best-natural-skin-care top ten list? Had less than expected and hoped for results?

Could you be missing something?

I'm Brenda Wollenberg and I've worked in the natural health field for the past two decades, first as a writer covering health-related topics and then, most recently, as a nutritionist. In my nutrition practice I see clients with a wide range of health challenges. Often their list of symptoms includes some type of skin rash, skin inflammation (dermatitis) or other skin condition such as:
Natural Skin Care Confusion  

  • eczema
  • dry skin
  • oily skin
  • sensitive skin
  • acne
  • psoriasis
  • herpes
  • athlete's foot or
  • rosacea (sometimes spelled rosacia)

The more I researched for the natural health articles I wrote, the more I studied the wide range of topics required as part of my holistic nutritionist training and the more clients I saw in my nutrition practice, the clearer it became that growing healthy skin required a set of key components. Though those components were simple, and in many situations could be reduced to only two basic elements, if one or the other of those two elements was neglected, skin began to rash, flare up, itch, crack, discolour, roughen or prematurely age.

What I discovered was that having fresh, glowing, healthy skin requires a two-step natural and organic body care approach:

  • the step that is most often thought of first, the skin care products or treatments put on the outside of the body and secondly,
  • the very important "begin within" step that is often neglected, the food and supplements for healthy skin, that are put inside the body.

Over the years, I've fine-tuned both the inner and outer aspects of skin care to the point where most of my clients experience significant re-balancing of their skin conditions. By eliminating problematic dietary factors, increasing foods for healthy skin, allowing the skin detox, supplementing with essential skin nutrients, and then choosing appropriate natural skin care products, organic body care and certified organic cosmetics (i.e. bare minerals) cosmetics, they've experienced more and more of the vibrant, healthy and clear skin they have always wanted.

Now You Can Have Vibrant, Healthy and Clear Skin Too!

Whether you are a teen experiencing cyclical acne, a young mom trying to prevent stretch marks or deal with your newborn's cradle cap, a guy just entering into the world of men's skin care products or a mature woman (that would be me!) looking for a few healthy anti-aging tips, you've come to the right place.

Explore all the "inner" and "outer" skin care topics on the site, discover how to create the best natural organic body care game plan for your unique skin type and condition, and then put your own personalized two-step natural recipe for healthy skin into action. Soon you'll be growing the healthy, glowing skin that attention to “what you put in your body and what you put on your body” will produce!

On My Begin Within Natural Skincare Site You'll Find

  • my personal journey (see picture on the “about me” page and note the healthy skin, complete with well-earned laugh lines that come from having five wonderful but slightly wild children!)
  • illustrations of how I raised a “clear skin” family through toddler and teen and young adult stages (you can see all of us, including girlfriends, on this recent vacation shot) and
  • the natural organic body care improvement tips and steps I've used to help the clients in my nutritional practice achieve improved skin health.

Hopefully our stories will give hope that your natural and organic body care pathway to healthier skin can indeed be found within these pages. Good luck and glad to be partnering with you on the journey!


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